If you are interested in digital marketing, you must begin with digital marketing glossary of terms, which can be genuinely overpowering. In the first place, it’s brimming with specific terms that might be different to you, which is the reason we made this computerized marketing glossary. Getting comfortable with these will enable you to explore the universe of web-based promoting – and get more an incentive out of our up and coming arrangement of blog entries about advanced publicizing and computerized marketing.



Analytics is the data resulting from the systematic analysis of information or statistics. In computerized advertising, analytics is the data coming about because of precise investigation of information assembled from marketing activities, for example, email promoting, point of arrival A/B testing, or Google Adwords business.

Average order amount

The measure of all requests is isolated by the aggregate number of requests and is utilized as a part of advanced advertising to help compute the vital reach, alongside CTR and transformation rate.

Banner Ads

Otherwise called “show promotions,” these publicizing units are pictures that sponsors put on known distributors’ sites keeping in mind the end goal to draw in or re-pull in their intended interest group.

Bounce rate

Bounce is a site visit in which the guest took a gander at the single page they arrived on, did not connect with it, and after that left the site. The bounce rate communicates such visits as a level of the aggregate guest sessions, inside a particular time span.


With regards to online networking, this is a procedure utilized by numerous social bookmarking locales where people are permitted to vote on news stories and articles to decide their esteem and importance inside the web page. Identified with other online networking ideas, for example, joint effort and aggregate knowledge, it can likewise be an examination device. Because of its critical prominence, this new word has entered regular English dictionaries in recent years.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an advanced promoting format where realistic advertisements are shown on a site page. The term began in daily papers, and the standards still apply. Show advertisements can be designs, recordings, intuitive pictures (a test or amusement), and expandable.

Doorway Page

A low-content page customarily made explicitly with the end goal of positioning on a web index. Typically extremely watchword substantial and client unfriendly, most web indexes now disapprove of these pages.

Interstitial Ads

Advertisements that show up between two diverse substance pages, served when a site guest explores starting with one page on a site then onto the next. A best practice in versatile showcasing is to abstain from utilizing an interstitial as a popup that pieces introductory access. For instance, when the client tries to get to the Gotham Times on their portable device, they are hindered by an interstitial promotion that they need to either acknowledge or close before they can continue to the site.

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